About Us


HOPE STATION was founded by faith leaders in Wilson County, NC who saw the need to respond to human need and suffering in a more collaborative and efficient manner.  It began its ministry in 1987 in Wilson’s old fire station, where it served until it moved into its new building at the corner of Goldsboro and Lee Streets in 2009.



HOPE STATION’s mission is to serve low-income persons in Wilson County, NC, by providing food for those who are hungry, shelter for those who are homeless, and financial assistance for families in crisis.



HOPE STATION operates as a non-profit organization under Wilson County Interfaith Services, Inc.  A Board whose membership includes area clergy, lay leaders from congregations, and community and business leaders provides oversight of the work.

HOPE STATION has an IRS 501.c.3 not-for-profit designation.



HOPE STATION fulfills its mission by working in partnership with churches, civic groups, organizations, businesses, schools, and individuals who contribute to our work with financial gifts, food, services, volunteer hours and other donations as needs arise.