“Turn the Tap” Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign Art

At home, how many times a day do you reach for the tap to turn on the water? Fifty times, maybe more?  For personal hygiene. Household sanitation. Food preparation. Dishes and laundry. Turn a knob, a valve opens and out streams the clear essence of daily living to shower healthy, wholesome, hygienic, nutritious lives. It’s easy.  Really easy. Every day.

Now imagine your life without a tap. For homeless families, there’s no imagining.  Day after day, routine activities – washing dirty hands or preparing nourishing meals or putting clean children to bed on clean sheets or sending them to school in clean clothes – become nagging hardships, sometimes pressing emergencies. What is it like when a family must depend on a tap in the restroom at the bus station or in a public building or in a fast-food restaurant for everything?  It’s hard. Really hard. Every day.

For those without a place to call home, a tap does not simply mean running water.  Instead, it represents the fundamental difference between their lives into which only lacking and insecurity flow and most lives into which richness and abundance pour. This year, Hope Station has a very special opportunity to turn on the tap for homeless families like Evelyn’s, whose daily conveniences for two adults and three young children shrink to the size of their van, which is both transportation and home. READ MORE about the homeless families helped by Hope Station.

Welcome to Hope Station Westview House.  A vision of safety, protection and peace of mind sits at 310 Tarboro Street, adjacent to Hope Station’s home locatioFamily Shelter renderingn. In 2016, with part of a legacy gift from Westview Christian Church at the end of its visible ministry, Hope Station purchased the property with the dream of transforming the historic home into the only shelter in Wilson for homeless families. Single mothers or fathers with children, single women, couples with children and couples without children – families of all descriptions – could begin to replenish their lives in a comfortable retreat.

The finished restoration.  Hope Station Westview House features four bedrooms with design flexibilities to accommodate families of all shapes and sizes, a living room, kitchen/dining room, learning center, laundry facilities, toilet and bathing rooms and a private office for the supervisory staff.  READ MORE about Hope Station Westview House.

Today, the dream has come true.  Capital gifts, $450,000 over three years, are required to cover renovations and furnishings.  The campaign to raise the funds starts impressively with over $66,000 in gifts and pledges from the Hope Station Board of Directors and a $23,000 legacy gift from Covenant Presbyterian Church. The remaining balance of the Westview gift will underwrite a portion of operating costs for three or more years.  The capital campaign was drawing to a close as the COVID-19 virus hit.  However, capital funds are still need to cover the renovation costs.

Your gift in whatever manner is most satisfactory.  A one-time gift, monthly or quarterly gifts, stocks or contributions from investments and more are critical to offering Hope Station Westview House to homeless families as a refuge from persistent insecurity.  The assurance of having a place to sleep and store their belongings – if they have any – and the capacity to keep themselves fed and clean and clothed and healthy are milestones that can help families finally find a way out of their predicament.  The uphill climb is so steep. How do homeless families ever make it?  The answer – many are filled with strength and love and courage and hope – families just like yours.

Reach out.  Grab hold.  Turn the tap. 

How far would you like to turn to help families prevail over their homelessness?  Like families, gifts to Hope Station Westview House can come in lots of shapes and sizes.  Please consider your giving preference or contact Executive Director Linda Walling at Hope Station to plan the perfect investment.  Hope Station is a qualifying 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Reach out.  Grab hold.  Turn the tap. 

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