The Need for a Family Shelter

Family Shelter rendering

In July 2018, a family of six sought housing assistance from Hope Station after their funds were depleted from their stay in a cheap hotel. The family had become homeless after a job loss due to medical problems. Without an immediate plan for permanent housing, local agencies cannot pay the $1,200+ monthly cost for hotel rooms indefinitely. The family was on the long waiting list for public and/or subsidized housing, but remained homeless until Hope Station could assist with their move into permanent housing.

A homeless woman was living on the street because there were no shelter beds available for her. She was alone and terrified, and reported being followed by someone later identified as a registered sex offender. Hope Station was able to get her into the Greenville shelter and then assist her with a move into permanent housing.

In one recent 12-month period (04/01/18 – 03/31/19):

Through funding available for rapid re-housing, a federal program that helps homeless families secure permanent housing, Hope Station helped:

  • 175 persons with permanent housing:  99 adults and 76 children;
  • 89 households with permanent housing, including: 36 households with children, half of whom were living in places not meant for human habitation;
  • 25 single women, 14 of whom were living in places not meant for human habitation.

These stories are not surprising with Wilson County posting the third highest rate of evictions among cost-burdened renters in North Carolina. (Cost-burdened = households spending over 30% of income on rent and utilities.)

These numbers do not include the households who may have been served by other agencies, or were not eligible for the rapid re-housing assistance program.